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Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

Overview of procedures

Weighted data analysis overview
Allocate cases to groups
Analysis of variance (correlations)
Bayes Theorem and Diagnostic Tests
Beta Distribution
Beta Random Number
Binomail Confidence Interval (onemean)
Binomial test
Bonferroni adjustment
CASRO response rate procedure
Catch recatch
Chi-Square (t-test)
Chi-Square (2*2 Table)
Chi-Square (2*5 Table)
Chi-square value
Cluster analysis
Comparative Mortality Figure (SMR)
Compare three correlations
Compare two correlations
Compare two means (Poisson, proportions)
Concordance (Ordinal Table)
Confidence Interval for one mean or average
Confidence Interval for proportion or prevalence
Confidence Interval for difference between means
Confidence Interval for difference between proportions
Correlation, Partial
Correlation, difference between
Design effect and data weighting
Design effect and raking
Design factor and confidence interval
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Odds Ratio
Discordance (Ordinal Table)
Equality Testing (sample size)
Evaluate one mean
Expectation of life
Exponential distribution (Weibull)
Extreme value distribution
False Positive or Negative Tests
Fieller Confidence Interval (SMR)
Fisher (t-test)
Fisher 2*5 table
Fisher Exact test
Fisher-Tippett distribution
Gamma (Goodman and Kruskal's) (2*5 Ordinal Table)
Gamma Distribution
Gamma Random Number
Geometric Distribution
Goodman and Kruskal's Gamma (2*5 Ordinal Table)
Gumbel distribution (Weibull)
Health screening
Hypergeometric Test
Kappa measure of agreement
Kendall's Tau-a (2*5 Ordinal Table)
Kolmogorov-Smirnov (2*5 Ordinal Tabe)
Kolmogorov-Smirnov (Ordinal)
L'Ecuyer portable combined generator
Life expectancy
Life table
Likelihood RatioChi-Square (2*2)
Linear congruential generator (LCG)
Log Odds Ratio (2*2)
Log Weibull distribution
Mann-Whitney (Ordinal)
Mantel Heanszel Chi-square (2*2)
Mc-Nemar (Pairwise)
McNemar Test (2*2)
Median Test
Multi level analysis
Negative Binomial (Extended Poisson)
Negative Binomial (Marginal Binomial)
Newcombe Wilson Confidence Interval (t-test)
NNT (t-test)
Normal random number
Odds Ratio (2*2)
Odds-Ratio (t-test)
Ordinal 2*5 table
Ordinal Tests
Pairwise tests
Partial Correlation
Pascal Distribution (negative binomial)
Pearson Chi-square (2*2)
Pearson Correlation
Pearson correlation (2*2)
Pick n out of N
Pearson's Poisson Confidence Interval (onemean)
Phi-square (2*2)
Poisson Confidence Interval (onemean)
Poisson Test
Polya Distribution (negative binomial)
Random Numbers
Randomly Allocate cases to groups
Randomly order cases
RandomnessTest (Ordinal)
Rate Ratio (SMR)
Rate-Ratio (t-test)
Rayleigh distribution (Weibull)
Response rate procedure (CASRO)
Response Rates
Reverse significance testing
Reverse z,t,f,r,chi-square values
Risk Ratio (2*2)
Risk-Ratio (t-test)
Sample Size (general)
Sample Size for two stage design
Sample Size for binomial proportion or prevalence
Scheffé's test
Sequential Probability Ratio's
Significance testing
Signstest (Pairwise)
Standardized Mortality Ratio
Tau-a (Kendall's) (2*5 Ordinal Table)
Throw a dice
T-test (Pairwise)
Uniform random number
Wald-Wolfowitz (Ordinal)
Weibull Distribution
Weibull random number
Weighting of data
Wilcoxon (Pairwise)
Wilson confidence interval (onemean)
Yates Chi-square (2*2)
Yules-Q & Gamma
Yules-Q (2*2)
Yules-Y (2*2)
Z-test (significance)

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