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Order & Group


Order & Group is an application of the Random procedure. For the technical details of the Order & Group procedure the user is referred to the Random procedure help page. The function of Order & Group is to randomly order "cases" (or objects or subjects) from 1 to N and to randomly group them.

In the options box input the sample size you want in the "Numbers of Cases" box. For relevant output you have to have two or more cases.

For the function of the seed consult the Random procedure help page. If you want to redo an ordering you should note the seed you used.

For help on which method to use consult the Random procedure help page.

The results are presented with per row the case number, the position of this case in the ordering, the group number if grouping is requested, and the random number on the basis of which all this has been done. If you check the "Present by Position" box the cases are presented ordered by the position (and group) they are in.

Groups will randomly group the cases. This option is ignored if you specify that you want zero '0' groups and if you ask for more groups or cases per group as the Number of cases. Checking the option k will group the case into exactly as many groups as you specify. You can ask for as many groups as you want, the groups are in principle of equal size but it might be one more or less per group, depending on the circumstances. The option n will group the cases into groups of exactly size n, with the last group containing the remainder. If you want to collect n cases out of a Number of cases you should use this option.

For drawing a random number from any Uniform,Weibull, Normal, Gamma or Beta Distribution please consult the Random procedure help page.

For allocating cases to groups using unequal probabilities of allocation per group please use the Allocate procedure .

To pick n cases out of N with or without replacement use the n out of N procedure .

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