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Five by Two exact
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Give positive integer numbers.
Non decimal numbers larger than one.

Exact analysis: (2*5 max.)
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(weighted) data input

This contingency table
program is a generalization
of the Fisher exact test
and it calculates an exact
probability value for the
relationship between two
variables, as found in a
two by five crosstable.
The procedure will handle
smaller tables too. The
program calculates the
difference between the
data observed and the
data expected, considering
the given marginals and
the assumptions of the
model of independence.
It works exactly the
same as the Chi-square
test for independence,
however, the Chi-square
gives only an estimate
of the true probability
value, an estimate which
might not be very good
in the case of the
marginals being very
uneven or with a small
value (less than five)
in one of the cells.
In that case this Fisher
table program is a
good alternative for
the Chi-square.