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Oneway Anova

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Means table

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T-tests (ri*rj, max. 21x)
T-tests (ri*not.ri, max. 7x)
      - Equal Variance
      - Long presentation

Add to Means Table:

- Variance
- Standard Error
- Percentages
C.I. %; Use t


- Bar Graph
- C.I. Graph
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      - Add Title
      - Add Legend
      - Oblique
- Sort Rows
      - Descending
      - Case InSensitive
      by Label
      by Mean
      by StdDev
      by Frequency
Combine same labels

The Oneway Anova procedure tests
if there is an overall statistically
significant difference between three
or more means. The procedure is
comparable with the SPSS one-way
procedure. The procedure outputs an
anova table including the explained
and unexplained variance, the
proportion of variance explained, the
F-value with degrees of freedom and
the significance of F. For comparisons
between sets of two means the t-test
can be requested. Furthermore a
means table can be requested with
significance intervals and additional