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Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

22 Distributions.


The statistical distribution spreadsheets can only be used if you have Ms Excel installed on your computer. The spreadsheets also seem to work fine in open office. Please "click" the links to the spreadsheets below. If your computer is configured in the right way the spreadsheets will be loaded automatically into excel, otherwise save the spreadsheets and open them as an excel file.

The spreadsheets give the value of various parameters for the statistical distributions concerned, depending on the shape and scale of the distribution as defined by the user. A graph that shows you the current distribution is also displayed. All turquoise (a sort of medium blue) fields can be changed. You can do that with two purposes, to change the shape or scale of the distribution you are interested in, or to get the spreadsheet to give you the value of parameters at a user defined point in the distribution. The best way to get to know the spreadsheets and the way they work is to play around with the spreadsheets, changing the turquoise fields in various ways, and to then see what happens in the other fields and the statistical distribution graph.

Spreadsheets Available.

Beta Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Chi-Square Distribution
Discrete Uniform Distribution
Gamma Distribution
Geometric Distribution
Hypergeometric Distribution
Multivariate Hypergeometric Distribution
Laplace Distribution
Logistic Distribution
Multinomial Distribution
Negative Binomial Distribution
Normal Distribution
Bivariate Normal Distribution
Log-normal Distribution
Pareto Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Rectangular distribution
Snedecor F Distribution
Student-t Distribution
Triangular Distribution
Weibull Distribution

Download all spreadsheets in one go as a zipped file

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Dr J.L. Rojo, Department of Applied Economics, University of Valladolid has made the spreadsheets available for teaching purposes only. They are the sole property of Dr. Rojo. Please contact Dr Rojo if you have any questions regarding these spreadsheets. Any E-mail addressed to Dr.Rojo will be forwarded.
Dr José Luis Rojo García
Dpto. Economía Aplicada (Estadística y Econometría)
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales-Universidad de Valladolid

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